Monday, August 9, 2010

Catch Up Time

Some fun at the Sri!!  I went in tired and came out tired.  Great sign of fitness for me considering all that was going on at the time.  A little stomach bug equals.. alot of things I don't want to get into!  Anyhow, Hilary and I represented NTC placing first in both our races.  Congrats to Lehm Maguire of Kelly's Kids for an awesome race out there as well.   Nice to see some fast guys coming up.   Huge thumbs up to Connor Foreman for sticking out a very unlucky race filled with falls and fails.. happens to the best of us!   And last but not least Matt Sharpe for winning his first ever olympic distance triathlon... So proud.

I happen to be typing this post in YVR at 12 am trying to stay awake!  Christine and I finally fly out to Singapore in just 2 more hours.. at 2 am.   Very excited and ready to go.  The 14 hour flight is not going to be the highlight of my trip but it will definitely be an experience.   I believe all my time spent at the Youth Olympic Games will be an experience.   A great stepping stone in my career as a triathlete.




  1. Good luck Brook!! Give 'er!

  2. Your dads friend Lalindra has your details up on FB-Good luck to you from a friend of a friend- Stop over in Sri Lanka when you WIN:)