Friday, August 13, 2010


View of our swim course among the hundreds of ships.

So I have been in Singapore for 4 days now. When arriving in Singapore you notice certain things.. it's very hot and humid, it's very beautiful and it's full of very nice people. 

So far it has been very difficult to keep my blog updated. Training and travelling to the venues for my swim, bike and run workouts keeps me busy.  Right now I am really focused on preparing for my upcoming race but thankfully, today I have found some down time to do a quick blog! 

The other night, team Canada was treated to a big celebration was incredible.  I really feel honoured to have this opportunity,  to have a chance to represent Canada and to be here with young athletes from all around the world is amazing.  I believe sport has taken my life in such a positive direction.  I really hope more and more young people can realize the value of sport in their lives after watching the games and embrace it. Anyone can do some type of sport and have a healthy lifestyle...and everyone should! 

Check out this article from the Vancouver Sun about the Youth Olympics


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